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Competition Entries

We operate a simple-to-use online bookings system for our competitions. The system should be very easy for all members to operate, makes use of each member's email address to confirm the booking has been made, and greatly reduces the workload for our "behind-the-scenes"competition organisers. 

The system makes use of the Howdidido website, which all Members are entitled to join free of charge.

This page explains how to go about making your entry online for the next Eriskay competition. Note that online bookings can in most cases be made up to 4 weeks before the competition date.  

You might want to print this page so you have it available when you login to Howdidido for the first time - after that you will quickly get the hang of it!

First, please login to your Howdidido account. (If you do not have a Howdidido account, please send us an email to get further advice).

Login to Howdidido, under your own username.  At the top of the page which opens you will see a number of options - choose "Booking". On the page which opens, choose "Book Now" for the competition you want to enter. After that it should be plain sailing.


Willie Rusk, or Neil Macdonald the Handicap Secretary,  will normally make the competition draw two days before each competition, at which time you will be sent another email, indicating your teetime and your playing partners for the competition.

After the competition is complete, you should be able to view detailed scores and statistical information about the competition on your Howdidido account.

Note that the Howdidido site, for the moment, only allows one competition at a time to be displayed.

But please remember - while it will be hugely appreciated if Members could use the online booking system for competitions, neverthless Willie Rusk is still available at the end of the phone if you have problems making your booking online.

[Important note for Eriskay "Away" Members - the Howdidido site has been completely rewritten and is much more sophisticated than previously. It used to be the case that our "AWAY" members could sometimes not see the next Eriskay competition listed. If that's what you find, please give Willie Rusk a call and he will sort your entry for the competition].


  there may be an easy solution. If you do not need to enter any of your other Club's competitions online, you can simply change your Home club to Eriskay within your Howdidido profile. (Do that by logging in to Howdidido, choose Personal Profile - Change Home Club). If you choose to do that, the Eriskay competitions should now show although any ones from your actual "Home" Club  will not. Note that that does NOT change the fact that, for handicap purposes, your other Club remains in charge of your handicap and you stay as an "Away" member with Eriskay. But if you DO want to continue to enter Torvean competitions online,  you should leave things as they are on Howdidido and I'm afraid you will have to enter Eriskay competitions by a different route - usually by phoning Willie Rusk in advance of each competition and asking him to put your entry in for you. Alternatively, send us a message and I shall make the entry for you. (But if you do that, make sure you get an email confirming I have done that as I don't always have immediate access to email).

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